The Classroom Academy: Residency Candidate Application
This 2 year opportunity is compensated with a 10 month (September - June) stipend of $22,000 each year. The successful development and implementation of this innovative teacher preparation pathway is dependent on the commitment of the residency candidate to participate fully in the classroom, the professional learning community, the school community, and their coursework. It will require a commitment to the school community beyond the traditional teacher preparation program. Current district partners include Cambridge, Stillwater, and Schenectady in the Queensbury region and Beekmantown in the upstate area.
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Are you willing to commit to the Residency time frame of 2 full school years? (September 2021-June 2022 and September 2022-June 2023). *
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Collaboration doesn't always go as planned. Discuss a time when you had to resolve a conflict or situation with a collaborator. *
In the above situation, should something like this come up again, knowing each circumstance is unique. What did you learn? What might you do similarly and what might you do differently? *
This is an academically rigorous program. Have you ever, in a previous program, faced academic probation? *
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