Children's VBS Registration Form 2021
This form is to register children that will be entering Kindergarten - 6th grade in Fall 2021. Please fill out one form for each child. Be aware that we will be using social distancing and good sanitation practices. Our VBS will take place outdoors. In inclement weather, we may cancel for the evening. Cancellations will be posted on our website and Facebook Page. Please have your child dress appropriately for the weather.
Grade entering in Fall 2021 and Birthdate:
Child's Address:
Allergies or other medical information we need to know:
Parent's Names, Address, email, and best phone number for contact:
Emergency Contact Name and Phone Number (if not parent):
Who may pick up child other than Parent?
If your child is visiting our church, how did you hear about our VBS?
May we have permission to photograph your child? We do not post pictures of children on our public facebook page unless we have specific permission to do so.
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