Fire Safety Survey
This survey is for all intended uses of fire outside of fire performances like Fire Conclave.

All fire installations are required to have a survey on file. This is for any and all applications. If you think we don't mean your little fire, yes, we mean your little fire. We even want to know about camp stoves with those little screw-on propane cylinders...

Speaking of which, propane is the only permitted fuel type for all non-art uses of fire. This includes camp stoves, portable above-ground fireplaces, and any variety of patio or space heaters. If you haven't turned it into a work of art, don't expect us to approve your white gas, wood pellets, or camel dung.

If you have an art piece that uses a different variety of fuel, this survey will want to know what type(s) of fuel you will use, what type(s) of containers your fuel will be stored in, your safety plan, and your clean up/LNT plan.

All uses of fire will require fire extinguishers be nearby and separate from the fuel supply. Gas or liquid fuels will require shut off valves. Large quantities of gas or liquid fuels will require quarter-turn ball valves for emergency shut off. Cylinder valves alone will not be sufficient. Also, large containers of gas or liquid fuels will need to be at least 15' away from the fire they supply.

Please visit for more detailed information regarding the use of fire at SOAK.

Finally, you will need to fill out this survey multiple times if you are bringing both commercial and custom appliances, or more than one custom appliance. Thank you.

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