Dying Matters Awareness Week 2017
Firstly, a HUGE thanks to all our supporters for the numerous events that were held during Dying Matters Awareness Week. Your feedback helps us to know what worked and what didn't, so we can develop an even better week for 2018. .

Your efforts have made this an incredible week - please take a few more minutes to answer as much as you can.

Quite a few events this year were part of a bigger festival or other grouping, which is a really interesting development. If you're answering on behalf of an individual event, just do that but make sure to let us know it was part of a bigger grouping when you get to question 4. If you're answering on behalf of the whole festival, again you can tell us that at question 4, and answer the rest on behalf of the whole thing.

Please note that the deadline has passed to be entered in the prize draw, but we'd still appreciate it if you could fill in the form.

Q1: What type of organisation are you?
Q2: How many people does your organisation employ?
Q3: How many different activities did you host for Dying Matters Awareness Week 2017?
Q4 Was your event part of a wider festival or grouping of events, or was it a festival of similar group of events?
Q4a If your event was part of a festival, or was itself a festival or group of events, please give us the name of the festival.
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Q4b: If your event was a festival or part of a festival, what is the name of the town or area it was aimed at?
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Q4c: If you were running a festival, how many events in total were part of it?
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Q5: Please estimate how many people were reached by your Awareness Week activities (number of attendees/participants, online & social media, press coverage etc.)
Q6: Please estimate your investment in these activities (you can include benefits in kind such as donated venues, etc.)
Q7: Please estimate the number of volunteer hours which your activities benefited from.
Q8: Please rate the impact of your activities (including media reach, online, social media and community engagement, etc.)
Q9: Please rate the Awareness Week theme: "What Can You Do?"
Q10: Please rate the Awareness Week materials: leaflets, postcards and posters
Q11: Did you actively seek local media coverage for your event?
Q11a - If you did seek local media coverage, did you use the press release template from Dying Matters?
Q12: Did your event get any media coverage - before or after it happened - that you are aware of? (This is whether or not you were actively seeking any).
Q13: We'd love you to tell us more about what you did, or any other comments you'd like to make about Dying Matters Awareness Week 2017.
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Q14: We'd love to know if you have any ideas or suggestions for Dying Matters week 2018.
This could be a new idea, a suggestion for new or updated resources, a theme, something we should stop doing... all ideas welcome
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All of this helps us to make next year's event better.
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