GAiN Project Reference Form
The person who sent you this form has applied to join a project in another country with Global Aid Network. The purpose of this project is to support the humanitarian work with a community where we have a long-term involvement.

Due to the nature of the project, it is important that project team members are of a stable and mature nature, to cope with the emotional and physical demands of working in this environment. We recognize that each of us has both strengths and weaknesses and therefore do not reject applicants because statements of a more critical nature are given. We are concerned to assess not only a person's qualifications and achievements, but also their character and areas of personal development.

We trust you will understand that our desire to know as much about the applicant as possible is in their best interests, in order to make wise decisions. We appreciate your help in ensuring that this project is helpful and beneficial for the applicant.

You will need to complete and submit this form in one-sitting. We have provided a PDF version of the form so that you can review and consider you answers before submission.

By submitting this form you are providing a reference for a person who is applying for a place on an overseas project with GAiN UK. This project is organised and administrated by our parent organisation, Agape Ministries Ltd UK. All the information you provide is covered by their privacy notice available by visiting this website:
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