Do Pause - Tiny Habits® for Conscious Breaks in the midst of Stress and Uncertainty


It's Eva again.

Thank you for taking the time to attend my session on April 3rd. Fostering your skills to become aware, calm down, energize, and focus on what truly matters in life and work is crucial in these changing times.

As promised, I do follow up with 2 guiding resources:

* Slidedeck of Do Pause session (in your email)
* This interactive form which enables you to get active right now. Ready?

This form will guide you to design your Tiny Habits® for Conscious Breaks in the midst of stress and uncertainty.

To design successful habits and behavior change, remember...

* To stop judging yourself. -- Quiet your inner critic next time it appears. Just say "No worries about me no more. I found a new way to make things happen!" giving a big smile to yourself.

* To clarify your aspiration(s) and break them into Tiny Habits®. -- Take it easy. About 3 new Tiny Habits® are recommended each month.

* Embrace mistakes as discoveries, and use them to move forward. -- Don't blame, shame, or judge yourself. Life is a constant learning, especially in these times. Get curious like a child. Play with your Tiny Habits®. Revise, rehearse, redesign. You will rock!

Warm regards,

#stayhome #staysafe

PS Your entered data will NOT be used for anything else than enabling you to recap our session.
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Why are breaks essential to you? -- Remember my related questions like "Name a word that comes into your mind thinking of a conscious break.".
What is your aspiration to do breaks? -- Remember the difference between an aspiration and an outcome. Aspirations show the bigger picture, as they mirror a more abstract vision. Outcomes are measureable. Your choice! But be as specific as possible.
Shall your conscious breaks "only" help you go through "these days" of uncertainty? Collect your thoughts.
Or do you want to use these times of self-isolation as a true break? -- A break from your regular consumerism. A break from your regular rhythms. A break to reflect on your lifestyle, and potential behavior change. Collect your thoughts.
Create your own Tiny Habits® recipes to forster your "Do Pause" muscle. I recommend 3 recipes. Enter recipe number #1 here. -- Remember a recipe consists of (1) a specific anchor moment, (2) a really Tiny Habit, (3) and an instant celebration. Ready? Go!
Enter recipe number #2 here.
Enter recipe number #3 here.
Which topics are of specific interest to you when it comes to habits? Reflect to become aware of them.
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