2019-20 Hollyvale Innovation Academy Survey
Hollyvale wants to continue to build a program that meets the needs of your student and that develops strong partnerships within our school community. Please answer the following questions. Thank you for your participation!
Parents are encouraged to be a partner in their student’s education and to participate in school and community activities including the School Site Council, ELAC, parent conferences, volunteering, and after school events. *
Parent contacts (open house, workshops, meetings, teacher conferences) are scheduled throughout the year at times convenient to parents. *
The state standards that my child must meet were made available to me. (Report cards/progress reports, parent meetings, classroom newsletters, etc.) *
Materials are provided to parents in a clear understandable format and language they can understand. *
Meetings are conducted in a language that I can understand. *
The administration responds to the concerns of the parents and students in a timely manner. *
This is a school with high academic standards for all students. *
I saw growth in my student’s reading during the 19/20 school year. *
I saw growth in my student’s writing during the 19/20 school year. *
I saw growth in my student’s math during the 19/20 school year. *
Students are recognized for academic achievement. *
There is consistent discipline at this school. *
Students and adults treat each other with respect at this school. *
I am valued as a partner in my child’s education. *
The school and grounds are well maintained. *
I am greeted courteously when I visit the school. *
Students are safe at this school. *
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