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Please use this form to submit your bat records. 'Taxon' is the species, 'Gridref' should be an 8-figure grid reference (2 letters, 8 numbers), or a post code will do in a pinch! 'VC' is Vicecounty, which you can leave blank if you don't know it, 'Recorder' is who identified it, 'Determiner' is the person who confirmed it (it may be the same as the Recorder). 'Date' will bring up a calendar for you to select the day/night and 'Quantity' is how many bats - put '0' if you saw bats but are not sure how many. 'Method' is how you recorded it. the 'Sex', 'Stage' and 'Status just give us more information about the record - you can just select 'Not recorded' if you aren't sure, and the 'Comments' box is a free cell for you to add any other info.
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