SCT Jr Online Summer Program 2020
Our goals for this online summer program is to offer assistance in building your student’s audition book, complete with auditions songs, monologues and dances of various styles. We will be educating about different techniques with stage craft, set design, sound mixing, and audio recording. Finally we will be performing multiple radio plays and streaming on various platforms.

Please visit for more details.
STEP 1 : Student Information
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The SCT Jr. Online Summer Program 2020 is accepting students between the ages of 8 years old to 17 years old.
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The SCT Jr Online Summer Program 2020 requires each student to have their own individual GMAIL account. This account will be used for accessing Google Classroom, signing up for office hours with Instructors, viewing instructional video posted to secured YouTube Videos and video conferencing using Google Duo and Google Meet. Please do not use your student’s school email or parent’s email. Please refer to the options below for creating a new account for your student. To create a new Google Account please visit: To create a New Google Account for children under 13 please visit: To add supervision to an existing Google Account:
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STEP 2 : Parent/Guardian Information
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This email will be used for all communication. Please provide one main email for Family, after first parent meeting additional parents emails will be accepted.
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STEP 3 : Student and Parent Contract
The following rules must be read and agreed upon by both parent/guardian and student. This contract, along with the registration form, will act as our emergency form and release forms for your student.
Stockton Civic Theatre Junior Student and Parent Contract 2020
By checking the box below you have read and agree to the terms stated in the Stockton Civic Theatre Junior Student and Parent Contract 2020 *
Please visit the SCT JR page to download a copy of the Student and Parent Contract
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After visiting and paying for your tuition, you will receive an email receipt. Please provide the SALE # on the Purchase Receipt.
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Step 5 : Confirmation
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