UF RecSports Athletic Training Clinic Patient Satisfaction Survey- Summer 2019
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Please select the Athletic Trainer(s) you have primarily worked with at RecSports?
How many visits would you estimate you've scheduled with the Athletic Trainings?
How did you hear about our services?
What is your satisfaction level with the overall experience and quality of your Athletic Training care?
Did the Athletic Trainers offer to find an answer to questions they were unable to answer (i.e. outside assistance, referral)?
If you were seen by multiple Athletic Trainers, did you received consistent care?
Were you given take-home care instructions or exercises to complete between appointments?
Were the take-home care instructions or exercises helpful?
How often did your Athletic Trainer create a positive environment?
What is your satisfaction level with the speed of scheduling your appointment?
How did you schedule your appointment?
What is your satisfaction level with speed of scheduling an appointment?
Did the Athletic Trainers provide information and answers in a manner you could understand?
Do you feel that the treatment you received from the Athletic Trainers was adequate & helpful to your injury?
If you become injured again, how likely are you to utilize the Athletic Training services at RecSports?
Highly Unlikely
Highly Likely
How likely are you to recommend Athletic Training services to a teammate?
Highly Unlikely
Highly Likely
Please provide any feedback to improve the quality of care our Athletic Trainers provide. If you are referencing a specific Athletic Trainer, please be sure to include their name.
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Thank you for your feedback!
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