'The Art of Good Witches Bad Witches' Book
It's only TWO QUESTIONS - give me feedback and I'll give you the kind of book you want. No obligation to buy.

'The Art of Good Witches Bad Witches - Vol 1' is the immersive behind the scenes world of the art of Caroline McFarlane-Watts, with full color photographs of the witch sculptures showing how they were made, and a fun insight into their characters. With design drawings, early sculpts, finished maquettes and a full step by step witch tutorial so that you can have a go at making one yourself, this book has been two years in the making and is set to come out by early summer 2017.

Give me some additional feedback before I go to print to let me know that you're planning to buy a copy (or not) and how long you'd want it to be. It is being self published by me (Caroline McFarlane-Watts) so it's extremely helpful for me to know if you'd prefer to have a shorter book for less money, or a medium length book for a little more, or the longer version packed full of good stuff for the grand price of approx $35 - 40. (Printing companies charge me by the page, so it's crucial to gauge what it is you'd want to pay for). Obviously I'd love to give you a longer book of approx 120+ pages!

Thank you for taking the time to submit your answers, and don't forget to leave an email address so that I can let you know when the book is available for purchase.

NO OBLIGATION to purchase the book if you complete this form!

More info at www.tall-tales.com

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