Demo Builder Features- Survey
We are working on a completely new version of Demo Builder which will be based on Video Detailer's user interface and workflow. In the new version we would like to keep only the features you actually need and use.

Your anonymous answers will help us to create a better software for you.
Do you use animated characters(Amy or Joey) in your movies?
Do you use 3D effects in your movie?
Do you use interactivity in your movies? If so, please specify which features you use.
Do you need specific interactivity features? Please specify below.
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Do you record your desktop using the 'Take screen shots' mode?
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Do you edit cursor path?
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Do you use branching in your movies? (At-End action per scene)
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Do you use the Aggregator tool?
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Do you automatically upload your movie to Youtube or Facebook?
Do you integrate your movie into a LMS(Learning Management System)?
Please specify here the features you would like to see in the new version of Demo Builder
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