Foster-Powell Neighborhood Association Youth Member Application
The Foster-Powell Neighborhood Association invites you to complete the following application to join our board. The all volunteer board are neighbors working together to help improve our neighborhood, get to know each other and to help other neighbors learn how our city works. We provide a forum where people can share their concerns about livability in our neighborhood, learn about resources, connect to broader issues that affect our community and meet your neighbors! Everyone who lives in the area bounded by Foster Road on the south, Powell Boulevard on the north, 82nd Avenue on the east and 52nd Avenue on the west is a member of this association. If elected, the youth board member will serve a one year term after successfully attending 3 board meetings. The FPNA Board meets the second Monday of the month from 6:30 - 8:00. The youth member is also expected to complete a neighborhood project within that timeframe. We are thrilled that you are about to apply to join us. Thank you!
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