DREAM EQUAL New Chapter Approval Form
Thank you for your interest in starting a new chapter of DREAM EQUAL! We are very excited for you to expand this movement into your community. Before you get started, we need you to fill out this brief form so we can be sure that your chapter will follow the mission of DREAM EQUAL, abide by its values, and work towards its three goals. If you submit the form and are approved, you will be notified that you are all set to start a chapter and materials and resources will be available to you. Please reach out to chapters@dreamequalinc.org if you have any questions. We should get back to you within 48 hours.
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Who is your designated point of contact in case the Dream Equal staff need to get in touch with you at any point? This can be anyone within your chapter. Include [Full Name; Pronouns; Email Address] in your response. NOTE: Please notify chapters@dreamequalinc.org if this person or their contact information changes. *
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