Rainbow Communities Advisory Panel Engagement Fund
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What is the Rainbow Communities Advisory Panel Engagement Fund?
The Rainbow Communities Advisory Panel Engagement Fund is a one-off fund for members of Auckland Rainbow Communities to hold their own process for engagement as part of the Rainbow Communities Advisory Panel Engagement.

We are offering money to hire rooms, buy pizza, to deliver this engagement in a way that works for you and your community. We are working on about $10 a head, but feel free to apply for as much or little as you need!

Rainbow communities is a term that covers the diversity of sexual orientations and gender/sex identities. It is inclusive of, but not exclusive to: Lesbian, Gay, , Bisexual, Transgender, Transsexual, Intersex, Takataapui, Whakawahine, Vakasalewalewa,Fakaleiti, Tangata Ira Tane, Tongzhu, Mahu, Palopa, Fa’afafine, Akavaine, Fakafifine, Queer, Questioning, Asexual, Genderqueer, Pansexual and Genderfluid

What is the Criteria?
The Rainbow Communities Advisory Panel Engagement Fund is seeking applications to run self organised hui between August 13 and September 13, 2017.

- We suggest a minimum engagement of 5 people
- We need you to answer all 3 survey questions and note down the answers
- Optional statistics collection
- Receipts are required for all funds (or we can pay on your behalf)

How to apply:
Fill out the form below to apply

OR send us an email, with your phone number and engagement idea to register your interest and we will ring you and talk through options and funding.

Email: 3rainbowquestions@gmail.com
Phone: Cissy 021964884

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What part of our Auckland rainbow communities will your hui reach? e.g. Young people who like gaming
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What costs will you have for this event? e.g. Pizza or transport
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