Handyman: Home Repair & Maintenance 自助爱好者: 房屋维修和保养 (C3A/NSA Short Course) Saturday 16 March 2024 @ City Sprouts
Course Description: In this 7-hour course, participants will experience the use of power drills in home repairs of different materials. They will learn how to drill through wood, tiles, metal, plastic and concrete. They will get to install fixtures and screws with wall plugs, replace tiles and patch concrete holes. Participants will also learn how to change various types of locks, install and adjust cabinet hinges. Learning these skills allow you to make simple repairs at home without waiting for and having to pay servicemen.

SkillsFuture Course Code: TGS-2023021839
Course Provider: SL2 Impact
Course Date: 16 March 2024 (Saturday)
Course Duration: 7 hours (10am - 5pm)
Course Venue: City Sprouts, 102 Henderson Road, Singapore 159562
Course Language: English

Full Fee: $190* (no GST)
Fee Payable by Seniors eligible for NSA Subsidy: $38* (after NSA subsidy of $152)
Eligibility for NSA Subsidy: Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents 50 years old and above
* SkillsFuture Credit claimable

About 2 weeks before the class start date, we will email you the invoice with payment instructions, as well as a step-by-step guide on how to submit your SkillsFuture Credit claim, if you wish to use your SFC. Your registration is only confirmed upon payment, so please do check your email.

SMS/WhatsApp to +65 9466 1315 (Tuesday to Friday, 10am to 6pm)
Email to nsa@SL2impact.org


课程代码:   TGS-2023021839
课程供者:SL2 Impact
课程时间:7小时 (上午10点至下午5点)
课程地址:City Sprouts, 102 Henderson Road, Singapore 159562

乐龄人士:38元* (全费190元,减去NSA补贴金152元,为38元)
*可使用 SkillsFuture Credit 课程培训补助金

开课前约两个星期,我们会写电邮给您,告诉您如何付费或申请SkillsFuture培训补助金。 请您留意您的电邮信箱。

SMS/WhatsApp 至 +65 9466 1315(星期二至星期 上午10点至下午6点)
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Email *
Full Name of Participant 参与者姓名
(as appear in NRIC or Passport 以身份证或护照姓名为准)
NRIC Number 身份证号码
(required for SkillsFuture credit / NSA subsidy 需用于SkillsFuture培训补助金及NSA补贴金汇报)
Residency Status 居留身份
* SC - Singapore Citizen 公民
* PR - Permanent Resident 永久居民
Date of Birth 生日
(to determine eligibility for NSA subsidy 以鉴定NSA补贴金资格)
Gender 性别
* M - Male 男
* F - Female 女
Race 种族
* C - Chinese 华人
* M - Malay Melayu
* I - Indian இந்திய
* O - Other Races
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Work Status 工作状态 *
I understand that I will have to pay $38 (seniors eligible for NSA subsidy) or $190 (regular fee without subsidy) upon arrival for the class if my SkillsFuture Credit claim has not been approved by then.
我明白,在上课日报道时若我的SkillsFuture培训补助金还未受批准,我必须在上课前$38 (可享用NSA补贴金的年长人士)/$190 (全费)。

By participating in SL2 Impact’s Handyman DIY Courses and using the provided tools that may include hand and power tools, I acknowledge and agree that I am responsible for my own safety during the course activities. I also agree to release and hold harmless SL2 Impact from any liability for accidents, injuries, or damages that may occur during the course.
在参加 SL2 Impact 的 Handyman DIY 课程和使用SL2 Impact 提供的工具(包括手动和电动工具)期间,我同意我会承担自己的安全责任。我也同意如果我在课程期间发生任何事故,受伤或损害, SL2 Impact 不会承担任何责任。

I also understand the consent for Use of Personal Data for C3A as stated below.
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