ARRL Sanctioning Application for ARDF Events
Individuals and organizations wanting to host an ARRL-sanctioned ARDF event should complete this application.
Version 20-Apr-2021
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Email *
Point of Contact Name *
Who we should contact regarding this application.
Point of Contact Email *
Point of Contact Phone Number *
Sponsoring Organization(s) or Club(s) *
List all groups who will provide support and/or liability insurance for the event.
Have all the groups listed above approved the event? *
Proposed Dates *
Include all dates for activities associated with the event, including training, practices, and competitions
Itinerary *
Describe the tentative schedule, listing the date and description of the activities to be held each day
Approximate entry fee to be charged to competitors *
At this time a rough estimate, or range, is fine
KEY PERSONNEL – Please provide names and email addresses of the personnel assigned to the five key positions identified below. At a minimum two people should fill the five positions. For Event Director and Course Designer please list any relevant prior experience: *
(1) Event Director, (2) Course Designer, (3) Registration Coordinator, (4) Map Coordinator, (5) Logistics Coordinator
Map(s) Owner *
Provide the name of the group or individual that will be providing the maps
Name and Location of Map(s) and date of most recent update
List the park or forest name and descriptive name used by the map provider. Also provide the date of the most recent update to the map that will be used.
Do all maps comply with the USA ARDF Rules regarding maps for sanctioned events?
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Owner(s) of Mapped Areas *
List the owners or those responsible for granting permission to use the areas shown on the competition maps
Are you prepared to provide a copy of the landowner’s permission to use the mapped area(s) on the requested dates? *
Please explain if the previous question was answered "no".
Who will be providing the needed technical equipment for the event?
Transmitters, antennas, batteries, flags, time registration devices, signage, loaner receivers, etc.
Has all the necessary equipment been arranged for?
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If the previous answer was not "yes" please describe what may be lacking.
Assistance with obtaining equipment might be available. Please let us know if such assistance might be required.
Have you reviewed the USA ARDF Rules document and certify that the event will adhere to all requirements? *
If the previous answer was not "yes" please explain.
Some rules can be waived or adjusted if justification is provided.
Do you have a documented safety plan? *
An application will not be accepted without a safety plan. You should consider how you plan to respond to events affecting human safety, including adverse weather, medical conditions in the arena and in the woods, and lost competitors. You may refer to the Sample Safety Plan on the OUSA website for ideas ( Please be prepared to submit a copy of your safety plan in digital format.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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