Reclaiming Axis Mundi Registration Form
Axis Mundi is a two semester long training in the inner path and craft of Reclaiming witchcraft.
The second semester will begin in August, and Registration for that begins in May.

Length of the course
The course is 2 semesters, and each semester is four months.

Students need to have taken two of the four core classes including Elements or contact us if you have equivalent experience.

Cost for course
$700 -- $350 per semester
$175 - $90 per month
Scholarships are available, please contact us for more information.

For U.S. & British residents cost is in U.S. dollars
For Canadian residents, cost is in Canadian dollars
For Australian residents, cost is in Australian dolalrs
For EU residents, cost is in Euros

More information can be found on our website:

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The cost for Reclaiming Axis Mundi is $700 -- $350 per semester; $175 - $90 per month. Full semester payment is strongly encouraged. Please indicate the amount you intend to pay and your preferred payment method (check, paypal, Venmo or TransferWise) *
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Can you commit to completing the semester, complete the assignments and engage with your fellow cohort through check-ins? *
Please indicate your commitment to participation by sending your deposit of $100 through this link: We will review your application following receipt of payment. If you application is not accepted, payment will be fully refunded. Please write in the date you intend to submit your deposit by. *
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