2020 Paper Cat Press Holiday Market Signup
Do you run a small business selling hand-made items? Sign up to be a part of Paper Cat Press's Holiday Market! Beginning the week of November 23, 2020, until the end of the year, I'll be listing shops that sell hand-made items, including art or writing commissions, accessories, clothing, crafts, prints, and more.

The list will be viewable at papercatpress.com.
What is your shop's URL? *
What is the name of your shop? (If your shop doesn't have a name, your artist name will do.) *
Please give a short introduction and description of your shop and the items you sell. Do your items have a certain vibe or genre? Do you make fanworks or original works? Think elevator pitch--convince people to shop at your store! 100 words or less, please. *
Please send a link to a graphic that represents your shop if you can. 800px max size on either side.
Do you want to be emailed a reminder about your listing on the Holiday Market? If so, please enter your email below. If not, leave blank.
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