Request PPE
Are you a health professional in the Toowoomba/Surrounds area? Put down your need for PPE in this form here. This is for organisations rather than for personal use.
What is your name?
What organisation/company are you representing?
What's your best contact email?
What's your best contact phone?
How many face shields would you like to request? Specify style if you have a preferred design (Donated)
How many door-openers would you like to request? (Donated)
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How many fixed door openers would you like to order? ($5 cost price by Ellipsis Media)
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Are you able to help our small local businesses cover their costs for producing these items?
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Would you like to request something specific made by 3D printers or laser cutters? Add info here with design files.
What priority is your need?
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Do you need them by a particular time/date?
Do you need these delivered, and if so, what is the address?
Any more information you'd like to tell us?
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