Graduation All-Night Event 2019
Included in this packet are registration forms required for senior students to attend the all-night graduation event on June 7-8, 2019. All forms must be acknowledged and submitted for the student to be able to attend the event.

***Registration is due no later than May 1, 2019, but early bird registration saves you money***

What is Grad Night? Sherwood parents have a proud tradition of offering a safe, alcohol & drug free event for all graduating students. Previous Grad Nights have offered venues with various entertainment options such as: a casino, mechanical bull, magician, money booth, games, hundreds of raffle prizes, food, and various other fun activities (note that these are just examples from the past years.) The Grad Night tradition is a fantastic way for students to top off their year at SHS and leave with great memories of a final night of fun with SHS friends. It is also a very special graduation gift that parents can give to our students.

What can we expect? On June 7th, the graduation ceremony is planned for 7-8 pm. (Note: Students should NOT leave anything in the school/gym during graduation; it will not be locked and things have been stolen in the past.) Immediately following the ceremony students can take cap & gown photos with family and friends. Check-in for the Grad Night event begins at 8:30 and all students must be checked in by 9:15 p.m. Students should come with a change of clothes OR wear casual clothes under their gowns. After pictures, students will change and give all extra clothing and valuables to family to take home. Buses will be used to transport students to the venue where they will remain (in one location) all night. Students will return to SHS at approximately 5 am on June 8th. Parents are strongly encouraged to pick up their students; students should not drive after having been up all night.

What can students bring to the Grad Night event? A swimsuit and a sweatshirt (if desired) - NOTHING ELSE! Grad Night will provide all necessities. Don't bring cell phones, keys, cameras, make-up, towels, etc. Toiletries and feminine hygiene products will be provided. We can't stress this enough - this is for the students' safety. Students will be checked at check-in; any extra items will be taken and won't be returned until the end of the event. If your student has any special needs (medical, dietary, etc.), please tell us (start by filling out the Medical Release completely) and we will accommodate.

Why is it a secret? This is the hard part! The venue is kept secret for two reasons: 1) to heighten the anticipation and fun for the students; and 2) more importantly, for the students' safety; if no one knows the location, no creative funny business can happen. Rest assured that our primary goal is safety - these are OUR kids, too!

Below is the TOTAL cost if paid by the deadline listed. (Save up to $20 by registering early, but pay no more than $100.)
$80 total if paid by Jan 15th
$90 total if paid by Jan 16-Mar 31
$100 total if paid after April 1
**Registration DEADLINE is May 1, 2019
Payment plans and scholarships available by contacting Grad Night presidents at the email below.

If you have any concerns or questions, please contact us at:

**Please list PREFERRED email address for communication below**

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Eligibility Policy
Good citizenship is expected of any SHS student who represents our school, on or off campus. Attendance at the Graduation All-Night Event is a privilege, not a right, and a culmination of hard work throughout high school.

If there is any question as to the student's ability to attend, the following guidelines have been established to clarify the Grad Night Committee's position:

1. Students are expected to stay engaged in academic pursuit up until the end of the spring trimester.

2. Students must have earned a diploma from SHS, met all the graduation requirements, and paid all school debt(s).

3. Students/parents must have paid for any and all of their portion of the Grad Night Event fees.

4. Students/parents must have completed and turned in all required Grad Night Event forms.

5. A student MAY attend the Grad Night Event even if they choose not to participate in the graduation ceremonies. However, if they lose the privilege of" walking across the stage", they may not attend the Grad Night Event.

6. Exceptions to the above may be granted. Potential exceptions will be reviewed by the Grad Night Committee chairs. Please contact

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