Upper Elementary Student Survey
Directions: The purpose of this survey is to determine students’ perceptions and thoughts regarding the school. There are no “right” or “wrong” answers to any of the questions. Please respond honestly. Thank you for completing this survey! *
Agree 🙂
Neutral 😐
Disagree 🙁
1. I know about the school safety. (EL.2)
2. I understand the classroom learning goals/targets. (CI.2)
3. I understand what good work looks like. (CI.2)
4. Learning is fun. (CI.2)
5. I feel safe at school. (FCC.1)
6. I feel like I belong at school. (FCC.1)
7. My teachers help me with my learning. (FCC.1)
8. I do well with my school work. (FCC.1)
9. There are people in the school I can go to when I need help. (FCC.1)
10. There are opportunities to participate in after-school programs. (FCC.1)
11. I have set goals for my future success. (FCC.1)
12. I can talk to a school counselor when I need to. (FCC.1)
13. I feel as if all cultures are honored at school. (FCC.1)
14. The school and my parents work together to support my success at school. (FCC.2)
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