CRHESI Member Information

Welcome to CRHESI. As an interdisciplinary, collaborative Centre, CRHESI brings together professionals like you who span a range of practice and scholarship, committed to research that will improve health outcomes for people who experience vulnerability or marginalization. Membership includes London and area community partners and decision-makers, as well as Western University and other academic faculty and students who have expressed interest in participation. We are pleased to include you in our membership and look forward to your views and energy as part of this community.

Benefits to CRHESI members include:

• Support in conducting research related to health equity and social inclusion
• Increased research capacity for community agencies, including a venue for consolidating their shared experiences
• The opportunity to share and profile work through CRHESI’s communications and events
• Tapping into academic and community expertise
• Eligibility to apply for research support, including seed or pilot funding
• CRHESI affiliation and support for use in grant and funding applications

Alignment with the CRHESI’s research principles of inclusion, respect and rigour is a cornerstone of membership. In order to foster a stimulating, productive community, we encourage our Centre members to reflect on the following commitments, understanding that available time and opportunities will fluctuate.

Commitments by CRHESI members include:

• To advocate for health related inequities and push the agenda further in the community
• To contribute to the network with your expertise
• To identify gaps and barriers around health equity and social inclusion
• To engage and get involved in ways that fit for you
• To work to find solutions to inequities, to forward best practices and to implement systemic changes within context
• To keep members updated on CRHESI related research and areas of mutual interest

Note: Community partners do not have to have past experience with a research project. A membership term is 3 years.