2018- 2019 Florida District of Key Club General Scholarship Application
You only have to complete the General scholarship application once to be eligible for all scholarships offered by the Florida District. Only students graduating in 2019 are eligible for these scholarships.

This completed application, and ALL supporting documents MUST be submitted electronically by February 10, 2019, by 11:59 PM. Absolutely no applications will be accepted after the deadline. There are no exceptions.

All required fields must be completed for the application to be submitted. Once the application is submitted, responses cannot be changed.

You cannot save this application once you have begun.
Prepare all of the following prior to starting.

Must be typed in application:
-Resume Questions
-Essay Questions

Must be scanned and attached:
-"Certification" Document
-Recommendation letters from two of the references below.
1. A Kiwanis Advisor or Key Club Faculty Advisor
2. A School Official/Administrator
3. One other individual who is familiar with your Key Club activities
These letters should describe your leadership ability, character, and dedication to service. The reference letters must be no more than two pages in length and signed by your references. Scan the letters and attach them into the form.
-An official certified copy of your high school transcript with an explanation of the grading process utilized at the school. The transcript must include grades and attendance.
-An official document stating how many Key Club hours you have completed as a Key Club member. Be sure the document clearly identifies which hours were earned through Key Club projects. This document must be verified and signed by your Faculty or Kiwanis Advisor.

Please contact the Scholarships Committee Chair, Anna Langley, at Scholarships@FloridaKeyClub.org with any questions.

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Unweighted GPA *
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On what scale is your weighted GPA set to (Example: If your AP or IB classes have A= 5.0, you have a 5.0 scale): *
Please elaborate on how your school weights classes (Example: Regular- 4.0 Honors- 4.5 AP/IB- 5.0) *
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School Principal’s First and Last Name *
Faculty Advisor’s First and Last Name *
List any Key Club offices held (elected or appointed positions on the club, district, or international level). Also, list any district/international conventions, training conferences, or leadership events attended.
List any school organizations and activities to which you have contributed significantly. Also, identify any offices you have held during your years in high school (do not include Key Club).
List community activities to which you have contributed to significantly during your years in high school (e.g., Boys and Girls Clubs, YMCA, youth leadership formation, etc.).
List honors, awards, or special recognitions that you have received during your years in high school.
PERSONAL ESSAY- Please describe your involvement, leadership, and service in Key Club International. (500 words or less) *
KEY CLUB IN ACTION ESSAY- Please describe how Key Club has impacted your life, what you have learned, and how you will use this experience in the future. (500 words or less) *
If you would like your application to be considered for the Governor’s Project Scholarship as well, complete the essay below. If not, skip this part. GOVERNOR’S PROJECT ESSAY- Please describe your service related to the Keys to Educate Project in which you have significantly contributed. Also, explain your motive behind your involvement. (750 words or less)
Attach the "Certification" document with all signatures *
Attach Recommendation Letters (2). At least 1 should be from a person familiar with your dedication to service and leadership *
Attach Official Transcript and explanation of grading scale *
Attach a form of your Key Club Hours with signature of Faculty Advisor *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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