Joining the EvoKE's Membership task force?
EvoKE is a rapidly growing community (we are over 400 members from 47 countries!), but many things still need to be done to make the network more dynamic and to respond better to the community’s needs. We particularly feel EvoKE could do better in terms of community engagement and connections. We were therefore thinking about setting up a task force to listen to the community, developing measures that improve our communication with and between our members and improve their experiences...

You could contribute to this task force at various levels:

consulting on specific aspects from time to time (e.g., giving feedback on documents, getting in touch with specific people, identifying relevant people, ...)
taking on a defined task like sending new members a welcome email, keeping our mailing list updated, letting task force leaders know when people are interested in joining their task force….
being in the core group: helping to create policy, produce drafts of documents, coordinate activities within the Task Force through regular meetings
be the next Membership Task Force leader or co-leader! Your role will be to coordinate the co-construction of deliverables that the group will achieve and to structure the volunteer team to ensure deliverables are met, in a way that is respectful of people’s volunteer time. If you feel this is the right task for you, please prepare a (half a page to one page maximum) draft outlining what is your vision for the Membership Task Force, both in terms of tasks and in terms of how the team would function (labour division, decision making process, meeting frequency,...).

If you are interested in helping with any of these tasks or if you have other ideas, please fill out this form by Sept 15th (and if you are willing to (co)lead please also submit your document in the form).

We are looking forward to hearing from you! Hopefully the first meeting should be scheduled soon after the deadline.
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(if you checked lead or co-lead, paste here a link to a google doc outlining your vision, if you checked being in charge of specific aspect, specify what it could be, if you checked giving a hand from time to time, please specify the frequency and the kind of things you would help on)
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