List Your Bots On DEFI Platform Through IBO(Initial Bot Offering)
Would you like to list your crypto trading bots on the fastest growing ecosystem that is for decentralized & autonomous crypto trading bots? Be part of this revolutionary crypto trading bots marketplace.

By listing your bots on our platform, you will be able to:

- Raise funds for trading (both from RoboFi & from users)
- Receive payout for your listed bots
- Protect your IP

What are you waiting for? Apply Today! Only shortlisted bots creators will be contacted!
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Do you confirm that the bot/strategy IP belongs to you ?
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Have you tested your bots in exchanges? If so, which exchanges?
Gitlab link
Server details
Bots/strategies name
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How long have you run the bots/strategies?
What is the historical max drawdown for each bot/strategy?  (%)
Entry Criteria with example
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Backtesting period
Any supported docs for trading performance such as trading journal, track of record, trading history, backtesting result? (Please upload all in google docs and share the link of google docs).
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