Europortfolio Consortium Application
This form is designed to collect the intention of participation in the Europortfolio Consortium. The Consortium's goal is to apply for fundings to the European Commission, under line of action KA3 ICT, Multilateral Networks. Deadline for the submission of proposals is 1 March 2012. We are looking for establishing a consortium of ~150 partners (full partners and associated partners).

Summary of the proposal is accessible at:

About the Europortfolio Consortium
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Why would you want to join the Europortfolio Consortium?
What is your interest in ePortfolios *
Not interested
Vaguely interested
Transforming learning and teaching
Curriculum reform
Assessment for learning
Transition from education to work
Lifelong Learning
Continuing professional development / Personal development planning
Accreditation of prior learning / experience
Quality assurance of learning, assessment and accrediation
Other (please use next field to detail)
Comments on your interests in ePortfolios
What are the problems you are currently facing with ePortfolios? *
Not a problem
Access to resources on ePortfolios (uses cases, experts, benchmarks, etc.
Finding like-minded people to share experience
Designing and implementing an ePortfolio strategy
Motivating colleagues, managers and/or learners
Deciding on the right technology to use
Making ePortfolio pedagogy work
Making ePortfolio technology work
Other (please use next field to detail)
Comments on the problems you have identified with ePortfolios
What services would you expect from the Europortfolio Consortium *
Not desirable
May be
A Who's Who in the ePortfolio world
A European / world wide database of ePortfolio projects
Networking and sharing
Finding project partners
Success stories (and failure as well!)
Online training and seminars
Special Interest Groups
Guidelines for the implementation of ePortfolios
Reports, statistics, green and white papers
Help line
Other (please use the next field to comment)
Comments on what you would expect from the Europortfolio Consortium
About your organisation
What is the level of committment of your organisation to ePortfolios? *
Is it happening at the level of an individual course, an individual department , the whole organisation or in relation to local, regional, sectoral and national strategic frameworks (advanced)
Not yet started
Awareness (course level)
Developing (departement level)
Established (organisation level)
Advanced (inter-organisation level)
ePortfolio for learners/clients
ePortfolio for teaching/coaching/mentoring staff
ePortfolio for administrative staff
ePortfolio strategy review
Community of practice/collective ePortfolio
Identity management policy
Your organisation's name *
Organisation's web link *
Contact first and last name *
Contact details of the person that will represent the organisation in the project consortium
Contact email address *
Country *
Only EC members can be full partners in the project. If you are outside of the EC, you are welcome to join as Associate Partner.
Comments, questions or information you would like to provide in relation to your application
For questions, you can write to
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