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1. You understand that Vibrant Health Clinic is a consulting clinic and is not authorized to sign a Physicians Certification for the State of Colorado. 2. You understand that only a licensed MD or DO is authorized to sign the Physicians Certification. 3. You understand that Vibrant Health Clinic does not offer a guarantee of service, recommendation, or certification of any kind. All sales are final and no refunds are issued. 4. You understand that Vibrant Health Clinic and any Physician associated with their treatment plan recommend a follow-up appointment to see how your medication is working within 6 months of your initial visit. Please print name and date below to acknowledge you understand and agree with above: *
I am consulting with the doctors at Vibrant Health Clinic in order to obtain a Medical Marijuana Registry Identification card to use for medication needs as outlined by Colorado law. *
Information that I share with the doctors in order to obtain a Medical Marijuana Registry Identification card is truthful, non-fraudulent, accurate and correct. *
I understand that my medical consultation is protected by standard HIPPA and medical confidentiality laws. *
I understand that use, possession, distribution and manufacture of marijuana are federal crimes in Colorado and a Medical Marijuana Registry Identification card does not protect me from federal criminal prosecution. *
I have read the Medical Marijuana Registry Patient Information sheet and will ask the doctor any questions I have about it during my appointment. *
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