Off-Nominal: Anomaly Feud
Jake and Anthony will be playing Family Feud on an upcoming episode of Off-Nominal, but they need your help!
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What is your favorite rocket?

What is your favorite non-US rocket?

What is your favorite suborbital rocket?

What is the worst rocket?

What is the ugliest rocket?

What is the most overhyped rocket?

What is your favorite rocket engine?

What is the best rocket explosion?

What is the best overall propellant that’s been used in an orbital flight?


Who is the best Apollo astronaut?

Who is the best Shuttle astronaut?

What is the best Space Shuttle mission?

What is your favorite Space Shuttle orbiter?

What is your favorite spacewalk?

What is your favorite planetary science mission?

What’s the most overrated robotic exploration mission?

What is the best Mars mission?

What was the most overhyped mission?

Who is/was your favorite NASA Administrator?

Odds and Ends

What is your all time favorite Off-Nominee?

Who is your favorite guest that has appeared on the show?

Where (what altitude) does space actually begin?

What is your favorite planet?

If you had to travel to orbit in one spacecraft from history (excluding Dragon, Starliner, and Orion), what would it be?

If you had to work at one NASA center for the rest of your life, what would it be?

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