Erasmus Staff Application
This form is required to be filled in case of application to Erasmus Staff Mobility (STA or STT) at the University of Physical Education (Budapest, Hungary) HU BUDAPES42

Please read through the descriptions:

the ERASMUS COORDINATOS ( deal with the administration of the mobilities, they receive and forward the applications, mobility agreements, prepare all documents (invitation letter, certificate of attendance)
They do not make decisions, but work as contact persons. Please always put them in cc!!

Ms. Andrea Rédli, - responsible for incoming Staff mobilities
Mr. Benjamin Tompai - responsible for incoming Student mobilities
Ms. Julianna Király, - Institutional Coordinator + responsible for outgoing Student mobilities

makes decision about accepting the applicant,
is responsible for the content of the mobility

- the VICE-RECTOR - approves the teacher, staff and student training mobilities by signing the mobility agreement, in case a teacher/department agrees to accept and take care of the applicant. The mobility agreements are handled (but not fully prepared!) by the coordinatos.

- the INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CENTER provides transfer from the airport In case it is required by the applicant (

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