2019 EWI Annual Awards Gala RSVP
It's our biggest night of the year - celebrating influential businesses in central Ohio, the deserving students who are given scholarships, and our representatives that make it all happen!
Keynote Speaker: Jason Tharp
Jason Tharp has dreamed of being an author and inventing crazy creatures since he was a kid. Being an obsessive daydreamer and doodler has led him to create many licensed properties, write books, and design clothing and various other products. He is currently published at Scholastic, Simon and Schuster, and MacMillan. Jason's story proves that with hard work, determination, and a sprinkle of magic, anything is possible.

In addition to writing, he travels the country speaking to kids, adults, and organizations about positivity, being yourself, kindness, and the power of the unicorn. Jason feels it’s extremely important to provide others with competencies that can serve them well in a social media world. Skills rooted in kindness, inclusion, empathy, and self-empowering. He feels It’s his job as a storyteller to encourage others to embrace their inner “weirdness” and be brave in who and what they want to achieve. It’s equally important to Jason to be honest with those he speaks with and let them know it’s not easy, pain and bad days are completely normal, they aren’t alone, and the “weird” ones are the ones who change the world–that’s why he always says, “Be the unicorn!” Jason lives in Powell, Ohio, with his super-awesome wife and kids, plus one extremely fat kitty.
Tues, June 11

Hollywood Casino
200 Georgesville Road

5:30 PM


Free Parking available at venue

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Ashley Ramirez, Treasurer
Columbus Baseball Team
330 Huntington Park Ln.
Columbus, OH 43215
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