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○ NSFW, AI, or NFT-related orders will automatically be cancelled.
○ Please see Terms of Usage & Refund Policy before ordering a commission.
○ In the case that your commission is declined, you will be alerted via e-mail.  

○ Terms of Usage & Refund Policy: 
○ Website & Portfolio:
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For order updates, please specify an e-mail address, or Discord tag. *
📝 For Discord: Please enable Friend Requests or Message Request access!
📝 Due to privacy concerns, I cannot offer order updates via Mastodon or Twitter.
Please specify which e-mail should the commission invoice be sent to.
Please pick what you'd like to order!
Price is per character.
📌 Art examples available at!

⚠️ For pixel art, more characters = less detail! 1 character per image is recommended. Pixel art is made to be simplistic; please understand this before ordering.

📝 For "Custom" - Makorie will contact you to provide you with a price quote.
Please check any of the following that may apply.
📝 Complex Background Examples: Forest, City, Indoor room, ...etc.
📝 Minimal Animation Examples: Blinking, Sparkles, Speech bubble, ...etc.

⚠️ For "Needs Character Design" = A character does not have a complete image reference; Makorie would need to draw a character based on descriptions or inspiration images.
Would you like your commission to be posted publicly?
⚠️ For private commissions, Makorie reserves the right to display the commission in a private work portfolio, unavailable to the public.
⚠️ For public commissions, unless negotiated otherwise, Makorie may livestream or record parts of the commission art process online.
Please describe how the commission should look.
✔️ OK:
○ Image reference collages or ”mood boards”.
○ External documents for your description. (Ex: Google Docs, Pastebin, ...etc.)
○ Asking for creative liberties. (Ex: "Please pick a character pose for me.")

○ Art micromanagement (Ex: “Copy this image”, “I want this exact art style”, ...etc.)
○ Long or vague descriptions - please be concise, whenever possible!
○ Blurry, uncolored, or incomplete image references.
[Public Commissions Only] Please specify a name to be credited with.
📝 Example - @John123 on Twitter, John S., Anonymous
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