Young, Black & Lit Fundraiser Interest Form
Hello! We are excited to hear that you are interested in doing a fundraiser with us. We will use the data you provide below to help us organize and create a quote for your fundraiser.

How does it work:

1a. If you're looking for a library of books, just fill out the form and YBL will reach out to you.

1b. If you're looking to get books directly to your students, you will need to identify 4-8 books from our bookstore,, for your fundraiser for your students. You will need to list them below. Please note that all books may not be available for the fundraiser, but we will confirm with you before we start.

2. Fill out the form below.

3. YBL will reach out to you with fundraising goals for your class based on the books available.

4. Select your target goal and your fundraiser will begin. You will have a unique page and donation link on our platform!

5. Share. Raise. Share. Reach the goal!

6. YBL will collect addresses for the parents (guardians) of your students.

7. YBL will ship books! Each student will receive the same set of books.

Frequently Asked Questions -
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How many books do you want your students each to receive? Anywhere from 1-5
What $ amount do you think is an attainable fundraising goal? (This will help us with your book selection) *
Please list below the 4 - 8 books from our bookstore that you are interested in for your students. Link:
Tell us about your class and your students. This will be displayed on the page to inform donors about you and your students
Write a thank you note for your donors (Think it's too early, of course not!) We will display this note after every donation
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