Application for UF Navs Leadership
Thanks for applying to serve among The Navigators next year. We anticipate receiving more applications than there are "roles" within the ministry. We want to encourage you that leadership in the Kingdom of God, and in The Navigators, is always about making disciples and you do not need a "role" to do that!

We will be in touch over the summer regarding your application.
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Year in School (Fall 2020) *
Why are you interested in leading with the Navs next year? *
What strengths are you aware of in your leadership? *
In what areas are you hoping to develop your spiritual leadership? *
To the best of your knowledge and ability, are you willing and able to commit to the following events next year? (As leaders your relational impact is critical to the success of these as gospel advancing events...) *
Reconnect Retreat - August 18-19
Faithfully serving during Fall Launch - August 17-August 24
Beach Retreat - September 25-27
Ignite Conference - February 6-7, 2021
Attending all required NLC meetings (assuming no class/work interference)
Anything we (staff) need to know about the above selections?
To the best of your knowledge, are you willing and able to commit to the following expectations of a Navigator leader? *
PURSUING GOD: Through personal time in the Scriptures, prayer, scripture memory, worship, etc.
MORALITY: I will be led by the Scriptures in matters of personal holiness, bringing my sin into the light within trusted community, and model appropriate and considerate relationships with the opposite sex.
COMMUNITY: I will commit to one local church community in Gainesville and be accountable to a local pastor and congregation throughout my time as a student.
DISCIPLESHIP: : I will faithfully pursue a lifestyle of discipleship (choose opportunities for my spiritual growth and choose to be actively involved in helping a younger believer grow spiritually). My life will include an investment in relationships with those in my Bible study outside of our weekly Bible study time.
OPPORTUNITIES: I will consider and pray about attending the UF Navigators Spring Break trip and also consider a summer 2020 commitment with The Navigators (STP, overseas, Eagle Lake, etc.)
I am willing to be held accountable to my commitment in these areas listed above *
In what areas are you willing and hoping to serve in 2020-2021? *
Are you still wanting/willing to lead IF you are not given your primary leadership preference?
Clear selection
Are you being discipled or helped spiritually on a regular basis? By who? *
Are you helping someone follow or get to know Jesus on a regular basis? Who?
What church are you currently attending/involved in? *
What is the best way to contact you to get you necessary leadership info?
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CURRENT Bible study leaders / Seniors: Can you help us know what you're expecting or would like to happen for your Bible study NEXT fall? Any info you can provide is helpful.
Anything further you'd like to communicate to Nav staff? THANK YOU for your application!
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