Period Timeline Signup
To help visually display the diversity of times and cultures the Society of Creative Anachronism covers there will be a period timeline set up on the promenade.

This Period Timeline will be an area where those dedicated to persona development and encampments can display their persona and culture.

It is the goal to get at least one of every culture or time period portrayed in this timeline. Certain camps will even be open for others to come and display out of.

If you would like to either setup your tent or presence or would like to display out of one of these areas please fill out the following form.

We will contact you as soon as possible to confirm your inclusion. Due to the nature of this time line and the limited space we can only accept a select number of campers of specific time/culture frames.


1. If you setup a tent can you camp out of it?
- Yes. We just ask that you please keep modern items out of view of the public. You do not HAVE to camp out of it.

2. Do you I have to stay and display in my tent during the entire celebration?
- No. Though we encourage those who are staying in their tents on the period timeline to live the example of their persona we do not want to tie anyone down to their camp. We hope those who set up on the Period Timeline enjoy the whole plethora of wonderful activities the event has to offer.

3. If I set up on the time do others have to use my area?
- No, if you do not want others to use your camp for a display of the culture, just let us know.

If you have any additional questions please email

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Short Description of your Persona
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