AJ - Rozřazovací test pro 1. ročníky
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I’d like to be a _______ and work in a hospital. *
My sister _______ very tired today. *
We _______ like rap music. *
Helen is very _______. She doesn’t go out a lot. *
His _______ is a famous actress. *
Did you _______ to the beach yesterday? *
He’s _______ for the next train. *
Mark _______ his car last week. *
Where _______ you like to go tonight? *
That’s the _______ film I’ve ever seen! *
My dad _______ his car yet. *
I’ve been a doctor _______ fifteen years. *
Look at the sky and thouse dark clouds. It _______ rain. *
If I _______ this homework, the teacher will be angry! *
We’re getting married _______ March. *
The criminal _______ outside the hotel last night. *
He asked me if I _______ a lift home. *
If I _______ older, I’d be able to vote in elections. *
Kathy drives _______ than her sister. *
I’m _______ I can’t help you with that. *
It was really _______ this morning. I couldn’t see anything on the roads. *
Can you look _______ my dog while I’m away? *
This time next year I _______ in Madrid. *
Thanks for the meal! It was _______. *
It’s _______ to drive a car over 115 kmph in the UK. *
There’s a lot of rubbish in the garden I need to get _______ of. *
Water turns to ice _______ zero. *
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What should people at the restaurant do first? *
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Anyone can visit the private rooms from 10am to 2pm. *
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