10 Days of Connection Participant Survey
Please fill out this short survey to help us learn more about your experience during the 10 Days of Connection, the kick-off event to Connect Miami!
1. How did you participate in the 10 Days of Connection? Please select all that apply:
2. Please share your level of agreement with the following statements:
Strongly Disagree
Strongly Agree
The 10 Days of Connection successfully promoted inclusiveness in our community
The 10 Days of Connection successfully promoted kindness in our community
I feel more connected to my community after participating in the 10 Days of Connection
I am now more likely to go out of my way to connect with others who are not like me
10 Days of Connection made me feel like our community values kindness and inclusion
All groups were represented in the 10 Days of Connection
3. How did participating in the 10 Days of Connection impact you? Please select all that apply.
4. During the 10 Days of Connection:
I connected with at least one new person
I found that I had similarities to others who I thought were very different from me
I got to know at least one person that I wouldn’t normally have had a chance to get to know
5. How do you hope the Connect Miami initiative will continue to evolve and grow in the future? What types of events/opportunities/campaigns would you like to see as part of this initiative?
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6. Please share with us about your experience with the 10 Days of Connection! If you attended a connection experience, let us know which one and what your experience was like.
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7. Please share any additional feedback you have about this initiative.
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8. Your name (optional):
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9. Your email (optional):
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