NetNZ Scholarship Programme
When enrolling be aware there are two options available - Scholarship Student Communities AND Scholarship Mentored Classes. You can choose to enrol in either or both.

In order to pay the SP Tutor Teachers there is a cost to participate in the programme’s 'Mentored Classes'. The charges are as follows:
- non-NetNZ members: $200 (inc GST) per student for each SP subject they do
- NetNZ members: $160 (inc GST) per student for each SP subject they do
(Otago & Southland NetNZ members are sponsored by Otago University - they only pay $20 per student for each SP subject)

Because the programme uses Google+ Community, Google Hangout and Google Drive, participating students will need a Google+ profile which can be set up using either a school-based Google Apps, or private GMail, email address. They also need a reliable fast internet connection; and computers or devices with webcam & sound capabilities.

Enrolments should be in by Friday 8 July (end of Term 2). Confirmation of placement in SP 'mentored classes is reliant on the number of enrolments (need a minimum of 9) - your enrolment will be confirmed on or before the start of Term 3.
NetNZ Scholarship Mentoring Programme - Enrolment Form
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