Drag News Magazine Best of 2018 Awards - Voting
It's time Australian drag racers got RECOGNISED. We want voting in the below categories to decide the winners.
The options below are based on both recent nominations and the opinion of Drag News Magazine on the achievements of the nominees.
Voting will be taken into strong account for judging the winners but winners will be announced at the sole discretion of Drag News Magazine to prevent gaming the system.
So let's go - CELEBRATE the achievements of those who make this sport great.
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Pro Racer of the Year
Sportsman Racer of the Year
Radial Racer of the Year
Junior Dragster Driver of the Year
Crew Chief of the Year
Pro Run of the Year
Radial Run of the Year
Race of the Year
Event of the Year
Series of the Year
Service Award
Media Award
Story of the Year
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