2018 Albury Pathfinders Registration
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Albury Pathfinders Registration
1. Annual Fees.
The annual fee for Pathfinders this year is
$50 for 1 Child or
$90 for 2 Children or
3 or more Children (Family) $130.
This fee helps in the costs of:
● Some uniform items
● Honour tokens
● Insurance
● Investiture badges and gifts / trophies

2. Dress Uniform
Pathfinders are responsible for the cost and upkeep of their dress uniform. Items needed can be ordered/purchased from our Uniform Secretary during Club Nights.
Albury Pathfinders has adopted long black trousers / pants and plain black knee length skirts to replace the bottle green items of the past. Pathfinders are expected to source their own items and wear them on occasions when asked. Pathfinders are expected to have their uniform ready to be worn when requested by Pathfinder Leadership Team which will include some Club Nights and Investiture.

3. Field Uniform
A high-visibility Club T-Shirt is to be worn to all club events unless otherwise specified. This includes Club Nights, Camps etc.. These T-Shirts are available for purchase for $25. Please let a Pathfinder Leader know so the correct size can be sourced for the Pathfinder.

4. Club Camps
Each year the club will attend several camps. Each camp will vary according to the type, geographic location and time available. Costs are usually around $35 per camp, but may vary depending on the activity. Club Camp Registrations will be communicated close to each camp.
Payment is required upfront before Club Camp commences. If payment is not received it will be assumed that the Pathfinder is not attending and will not be catered for. Club Camp applications close 3 days before each camp to ensure catering and bookings can be confirmed.

4. Payments
Payment options:
1) Electronic Funds Transfer
BSB 640 000
Please put child names as reference when making internet banking funds transfer
1 Child $50
2 Children $90
3 or more Children (Family) $130
2) Credit/Debit Card
Use the below links
1 Child $50
2 Children $90
3 or more Children (Family) $130
Pathfinders High Visibility T-Shirt

5. Fund Raising.
The Club takes what opportunity it can to offer fundraising ventures to offset the cost for Club Nights, Club Camps, Camporees, Club Equipment and Maintenance. Every year fundraising initiatives will take place so stay tuned and be sure to support this fund raising when you receive this communication.

6. Communication
Albury Pathfinders will communicate via email pathfinders@alburyadventist.church. Be sure to enter your correct email address on this registration.
Albury Pathfinders is also on Facebook so please Like and Share this page https://www.facebook.com/alburypathfinders/
Finally Albury Pathfinders is online and has a Pathfinder page on Albury Church website so be sure to book mark this page for reference https://alburyadventist.church/pathfinders/

7. Pathfinder Calendar.
The Pathfinder Calendar is available online at https://alburyadventist.church/pathfinders/. Print and keep this calendar on the fridge so you don't miss out on up-coming events.

8. Investiture
To be invested for a class pin at our yearly Investiture Program a Pathfinder must successfully accomplish the following.

Class Pin
· Attend 75% of the Pathfinder Calendar
· Complete at least 3 honors
· Have a co-operative attitude and positive participation in club activities
· Wear the field and dress uniform as directed
· Complete the Memory Gem Certificate
· Attendance to SNSW Conference Hike Expedition

Advanced Class Pin
· Attend 90% of the Pathfinder Calendar
· Complete at least 5 honors
· Have a co-operative attitude and exemplary participation in club activities
· Wear the field and dress uniform as directed
· Complete the Memory Gem Certificate
· Attendance to SNSW Conference Hike Expedition

9. Pathfinder of the Year
To be considered for this award at our yearly Investiture Program a Pathfinder must successfully accomplish the following.
· Achieve the requirements of an Advanced Class Pin
· Have a record of conduct consistent with the ideals of the Pathfinder Pledge and Law
· Show a high level of proficiency in demonstrating responsibility, self-initiative and leadership amongst their peers
· Be an active role model to other Pathfinders
· Work in a co-operative and mature manner with Pathfinder Leaders

10. Discipline.
We attempt to follow the guidelines laid out for us in the South Pacific Division - Pathfinder Staff Manual. The Pathfinder Executive will meet on serious matters and may suspend a member for offenses as follows:
● Offensive Language
● Indecency
● Cheating and/or stealing
● Disrespect of Leaders and members and/or their property
● Bullying
Note: Please report grievances to the Albury Pathfinder Leaders.

11. Personal Medical History and Personal Contact Information
A record of your personal medical history and personal contact details will be collected as part of this registration and each club camp. This information will be referenced throughout the year and carried with the Leaders to all camps to ensure required medication is administered to the Pathfinder when/as required.

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