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We believe in the inherent and inviolable dignity of the human person. Therefore, human rights and their interpretation, must recognize the intrinsic value of human life, the family, and fundamental freedoms.

We believe in the right to life from conception to natural death.

We believe that no human being has the right to judge over life or death of another. Therefore, even at great costs, we will accompany those entrusted to us in sickness and age. We consider any voluntary ending of another person’s life an injustice that should not be allowed by law.

We believe in supporting the family as the fundamental group unit of society. The family with a mother and a father is the best place for children to learn to live, love, communicate, and to solve problems. It is in the family that children experience unconditional love.

We believe in human rights, including freedom of religion and conscience, as the basis for democracy. Some of our participants represent faith-based organizations. We see this as highly valuable asset.

We are committed to civilized dialogue and respectful treatment of other opinions than our own. We reject intolerant methods of the radical left or right, such as defamation, ideological colonization of the political agenda, or the shutting down of a serious public debate on the past, present, and future of our continents.

We believe that the bodily reality of men and women carry meaning. Human identity is a complex interplay of physical and metaphysical reality, as well as cultural and social influences. Men and women are equal in dignity and rights, yet different and complementary.

We believe in education as a basic human need. Parents generally know best and are most committed to the needs of their children and are, therefore, their primary educators. The state should not only respect, but also actively promote the freedom of education of parents, including in matters of sexual education. While the state has an assisting role and an obligation to protect children from abuse, malnutrition, or other grave misconduct of parents, it is bound to neutrality regarding moral values or religious convictions taught in the family.

We believe in human responsibility for our ecology, which includes not only natural resources, plants and animals, but also the human person. Respecting and acting in accordance with nature is good not only for the environment, but for the human being.

We believe that the human being aspires naturally to goodness, beauty, and truth, and that seeing these is key to a happy life. It is the role of politics to enable and encourage the pursuit of happiness.

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