Renewal Application
Renewal Application
Qualified certification holders will be rolled over to Certified certification, if you need to renew your Qualified certification you will need to follow the instructions for Certified renewal.

Professional certification holders will be rolled over to Master certification, if you need to renew your Professional certification you will need to follow the instructions for Master renewal.
Either level attained can be permanent with renewal and documentation of continued professional development. Candidates who attain Master certification will renew every 8 years with a recording of evidence of contribution to the field every year during membership renewal (ie: service- committee, board; research- presentations, publications; teaching – mentoring). ASLTA related contribution is strongly recommended for our Master certificate holders. Candidates are encouraged to obtain 10 hours of service a year. Compiling documentation annually will help members keep up with their certifications.

Certified Certification:
Candidates who attain Certified level status will renew every 4 years with 40 hours of professional development, contributions etc. To further the mission of ASLTA that all teachers will be competent in ASL as well as social justice, all certified renewals must include at least 5 hours of training related to social justice, diversity or ethnic studies. Candidates will be reminded every year when they pay their dues to compile 10 hours of documentation to help build their portfolio. (This reminder will be a courtesy reminder and not be monitored or enforced.)

All candidates for certification must be members in good standing at the Associate or Certified member of ASLTA. Candidates attaining certification at either the Certified or Master level must maintain membership in ASLTA annually in order to hold valid certification. Failure to pay annual dues will result in forfeiture of certification. Penalties may apply to late payment of annual dues.

For candidates who are not able to meet 40 hours of evidence of contribution to the field or professional development when renewing four years later may apply for an extension. Only 1 extension lasting one year will be allowed. Extensions require the certificate holder to be a member in good standing then an additional fee will be applied to extend the current certification in order to allow the member to meet the professional development requirements. Failure to meet the professional development requirements or maintain membership in ASLTA on an annual basis will result in forfeiting certification.

Master Certification:
Master Certificate holders may apply for renewal every 8 years. This process will require the candidate to list 8 years of contributions to the field which include:

1. Publications
2. Conference presentations
3. Mentoring
4. Service on Board of ASL related organization
5. Community advocacy
6. ASL/Deaf Community service

At least 1 national level contribution related to ASL is expected every 2 years. This can be a form of support or a presentation at ASLTA, CIT, ASLRT or on an international level such as WFD, TISLR, WASLI to name a few. This field depends on successful collaboration and sharing with our Master Certified teachers.

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If you have any documents that you would like to include with your renewal application, please send the documents via email to In the subject line please put the level of certification you are renewing (example: if you are applying for Certified renewal, put in the subject line Certified renewal)
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