Application form for IFMSA Clinical Exchange placement 2019-20
Who is it for?
Medical Students from any Medical School in the UK who have finished their clinical studies in the department they wish to apply for an exchange in. You can find out about the detailed requirements for each country by reading the Exchange Conditions page for the country here:

When can you go?
The Exchange season runs from March 2020 till March 2021 so technically you can go anytime in between however, most countries only accept students in specific months or have early deadlines for Application submission etc. Check the Exchange Conditions page of your desired country for more detail.

How much will it cost?
It varies from country to country but expect to pay 300 - 500 Euros. You will be asked to pay a 30% deposit upon your selection and then the full payment once you've received your country allocation- around 21/10/19.

What’s included?
Accommodation for the entire duration of the placement.
At least 1 meal per weekday or equivalent pocket money.
Possibly a Social Program (with other exchange students)
Allocated clinical supervisor
Academic Handbook
Certificate on successful completion of placement

What happens if I am selected?
You will be given a username and password for the IFMSA exchange database where you can fill in the Application Form to list the cities/departments you would prefer to go to, and upload your documents (CV, motivation letter etc). The deadline for this is 10/11/19.
You're strongly encouraged to look at the documents requested for the Card of Documents (CoD) of your desired countries, as many are common to most countries and could take a while to obtain.

Find out more about exchanges through the IFMSA website: or email

DEADLINE for Application Forms: 6/10/19 23:59 GMT

**Note on privacy and GDPR compliance: By filling out this application form you consent to Students for Global Health retaining your personal data until at least the date of selection (13/10/2019) and if you are selected, until after full de-brief of the term (March 2021). Data will not be shared with any third parties and will only be viewable to those responsible for coordinating your exchange experience, including the National Member Organisation you are being hosted by, and the IFMSA international exchange team.
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The Exchange Season runs from March 2020 - March 2021 but each country might have specific months they accept students in
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Which Clinical Speciality/Department do you wish to do your Clinical Exchange in? *
Please state at least three departments in the order of your preference with the first being the most desired.
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Will you have finished your Clinical Placement/Exam in the department you wish to do an Exchange in BEFORE the first day of your Exchange placement? *
Why do you want to go on an exchange? And why do you wish to do so specifically with the International Federation of Medical Students' Associations (IFMSA) rather than any other organisation? *
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Please summarise your understanding of the following: What is the IFMSA? What is the Standing Committee on Professional Exchanges (SCOPE)? *
You can read up about the IFMSA and SCOPE here:
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What do you expect to gain from your Exchange placement and how do you intend to use what you learn when you return to the UK? *
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Would you be interested to support us with starting the Exchange Programme at your University after you return from your placement? *
Please briefly describe one personal/professional achievement that you're the most proud of and why *
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Have you been previously involved with IFMSA or Students for Global Health? If so please explain what you have been involved with and state any specific roles you've undertaken on a Local, National or International level *
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If you don't get your preferred country, would you still be interested in undertaking the placement in another country? *
Have you read through the SCOPE terms and Conditions? Please only select yes if you have READ and you ACCEPT the terms and conditions of the Exchange. *
You can access the up to date version of the regulations here:
Any other comments/information you'd like to tell us?
Please let us know if this is your official elective
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We will get back to you by 13/10/19 at the latest.
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