Consuming information
I'm about to create some software targeted towards people who would like to read more information and I just need some ideas validated. Thanks for your help!
Think about the past week. What form of information did you consume a lot (even if it was for work)? 1:hardcopy book/newspaper/magazine, 2:website articles/forums, 3:documentary/training video, 4:emails, 5:report/whitepaper, 6:audiobook/podcast) - please sort by most frequent to least. e.g. 5321(46) - brackets means around the same frequency. If you only read hardcopy paper once in a while, don't include it in your list. *
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Given a choice, how would you prefer consuming your information? Under 'other', please specify your #1 choice. *
Off the top of your head, how many web articles have you saved to your 'to read' list? *
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Where do you save your to read list?
Say you want to read a lot of documents/articles. What is the best way that you can think of to get through them as quickly as possible? (pretend that money is not a factor) *
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If there are any frustrations about digesting information that you'd like to vent about, please tell me! (e.g. I hate when people talk so slowly)
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