Jobs at Bull Moose!
Looking for a job? Maybe you should consider Bull Moose. We are looking for friendly people who want to work in a fun, non-judgmental and very busy store.

Why would you want to work at Bull Moose?

● It’s fun.
● You get an employee discount, plus free CDs, DVDs, and concert tickets.
● Health and retirement benefits, paid vacation, and bonuses
● Good chance for advancement. Most of our managers and office staff started at entry level positions!
● You will be exposed to tons of new music, movies, and video games.
● For the most part, you can be yourself at work as long as you are not an axe murderer.
● You will meet all kinds of great people—both customers and co-workers.
● You can like any kind of music and we will accept you.

If that sounds good to you, we hope you will apply to work at Bull Moose.

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