Newtown Business Survey
Thank you in advance for taking the time to complete this survey.

Revive & Thrive Ltd, commissioned by Powys Council, have compiled these questions to better understand the issues facing businesses in Newtown and to begin to put together a picture of what you, the business community, see as being the priorities for the future.

All responses will remain confidential and will form part of an overall feasibility study for a possible Business Improvement District for the town.

The sole purpose for collecting your email address is to keep you informed as to the progress of this study. If you do not wish to receive any further communications, please email: and we will remove your email address from our responses.

There are 22 questions and your responses to them will help to shape the future of Newtown.

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Is this business an independent, a franchise or part of a chain?
What type of business is the main business operating from these premises?
How has business been for the last six months?
How do you expect things to go over the next six months?
What are the three most important issues affecting the operation and performance of your business?
How would you rate the following aspects of Newtown?
Very Good
Neither Good nor Bad
Very Bad
The cost of doing business here
Availability of staff/customer parking
Safety for staff, customers and visitors
Range and quality of shops and services available
Range and quality of leisure and entertainment facilities
Quality of public open spaces, street furniture and landscaping
Liveliness and character of the area
Level of street cleansing and litter
Town centre environment
Support from Powys County Council
Marketing and promotion of the town
The way businesses work together
Events in the town
As a place to do business, do you think that over the last five years Newtown has…?
What measures do you think would help to improve Newtown?
Which of these marketing activities/channels do you currently use?
Your online marketing.
Are there any business support or training topics that would be of benefit to your business?
Would you like to be part of a group that looks after the interests of your business and your town?
18. Prior to completing this survey, did you know what BIDs (business improvement districts) are and what they do?
There are around 300 BIDs across the country, they raise sums of money from £100,000 upwards annually which is all reinvested in the areas they represent. They are adopted following ballots of businesses in those areas who each contribute a small amount (usually 1%-1.5% of their rateable value) into the shared pot. A BID in Newtown would begin to address some of the issues covered in this survey and would allow solutions to be implemented to improve business conditions in the town. Based on this, do you think a BID for Newtown should be tested at ballot?
If a BID for Newtown were to be implemented and it generated approximately £200,000 per year, what three projects do you think would make the biggest difference to your business/the town?
Your answer
If a BID for Newtown were to be implemented and it generated approximately £200,000 per year, how much difference do you think this would make?
Would you be interested, in principle, in getting more involved with determining the outcomes of the feasibility study and possible future BID development?
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