Buoni Amici Press Master List
Thank you for your interest in our Master Blogger and Reader list.


It's really a list for you. We offer a lot of events and instead of having to fill out form after form you just fill out this ONE form and you're done!

You'll get one weekly email (sometimes two if something pops up last minute) with a list of events for you to post. When on this list you'll never be asked to review. If there's a book with a review you'll have to sign up for that particular event so that you'll get the ARC and we'll know you're interested in reviewing.

We'd love for you to share them all but we understand that you may not always be able to do that. However, we ask that you only complete this form if you sincerely want to post for our authors - as they will get a copy of this list so they can thank you.

If you ever have any questions feel free to reply back to the emails I send you and ask. Also, if you ever want to pause or stop posting I ask that you send me an email to let me know. There's no hard feelings. Thanks for your interest and support in helping indie authors get their books out to all our fellow book worms!
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