Emerge, MA: 2022 Alumnae Update
In an effort to continue to provide the most up to date and accessible information for you to utilize this network, we are constantly reviewing and updating our programs and policies to reflect our core values.  A few years ago, we curated a Master Contact Sheet that remains an internal, confidential document accessible by alumnae only.  This is meant to help you all keep in touch, network, and share updates and exciting news with one another.  We have updated our process to further protect your privacy and to ensure that alumnae engagement remains respectful and as intended.  As such, please read below for the changes that will take place as of January 25, 2022:

1. Please review our updated Alumnae Guidelines
2. If you’d like to continue accessing the Internal Master Contact Sheet, please sign to agree to the updates below.

For any questions, please reach out to Nina Liang @ nina@emergema.org.
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The Emerge Code of Conduct applies to every Emerge employee, Emerge National and Advisory Board member, State Cabinet member, Emerge program member and alumna, volunteer and partner regardless of position within Emerge, tenure, or location. This Code of Conduct is to be signed when becoming a part of the Emerge network and will be  enforced in accordance with the vision and mission of Emerge.

Emerge’s vision is to change the face of power, politics and leadership in this country in order to have policies that are responsive to all.

Emerge’s mission is to increase the number of Democratic self-identified women leaders from diverse backgrounds in public office through recruitment ,training and providing a powerful network.
Emerge proactively engages women of all backgrounds and identities. Striving to build a reflective democracy, we are intentional about ensuring that the makeup of our organization mirrors that of the Democratic Party. We celebrate our differences – of identity, opinion, and thought, believing in the strength of our diversity and community’s vital role in one's success. We Welcome women of all races, ages, socioeconomic statuses, women in the LGBTQ+ community and women with disabilities. We believe that the different experiences that Emerge women bring to the table makes us stronger.We are a sisterhood where everyone truly belongs – and a network of support parallel to none.

From our staff and boards, donors to partners and aspirants to alumnae, Emerge elevates women to show up as their authentic selves, claim their seats at the table, amplify their voices and embrace their deep responsibility to leading our communities for the betterment of all.

The network that Emerge builds through our programs is intentional and deliberate. We recognize that this system is vital to the success of the women in ournetwork. We are also committed to being there for our women throughout their journey to office and are here to support and help them succeed.

Emerge transforms women into powerful leaders,who are transforming our country’s power structures. Studies show that more women in decision-making bodies and in leadership roles results in increased collaboration, passing more legislation, and enacting policies that improve community health–especially for women and children. Our work equips women with the mindset, tactical skills, and network needed to step forward and become the decision makers of their communities and this country.

As a leader in candidate training, we take pride in holding ourselves to the highest standards. We are dedicated to ensuring the quality and forward focus of our programs and to consistently delivering best practices that produce results. It is vital that the women who go through our program not only run for office, but that they also win.
Transforming the face of politics in this country has no end date. Because this work is constant and enduring, continuous learning and improvement will always be at the heart of our organization.We commit to excellence in all that we do, strive to deepen our knowledge and understanding of politics, campaigning and training and pledge to espouse Democratic values in our alumnae, staff and volunteers.

These core values are at the heart of the work that Emerge does. We recognize the importance of our mission and how critical it is today and everyday to keep working to make our country a better place.
The women that make up Emerge’s network matter. We trust,respect, and center their needs. We celebrate our members’ differences and the unique perspectives they bring to the stewardship of Emerge and ournetwork. Emerge provides an environment that recognizes the unique challenges that women face and creates space to help women lead in-spite of and because of their experiences. While we respect privacy and confidentiality, this network belongs to everyone. No one involved in the Emerge network should ever feel like a guest in this space.  

Emerge does not endorse within our network or in our name. When Emerge women run for the same position, we encourage a campaign of ideas and policies, rather than personal attacks.  

Harassment has no place in our environment. We do not tolerate or condone harassment of any kind. We ask for respect in the workplace and/or training environment for yourself and others. We value the Emerge name and brand and those who have worked hard to create it. We expect everyone to conduct themselves ethically. We are responsible for our decisions and our consequences.

Emerge is an anti-racist space with a lived equality and an inclusive workspace where we work to center equity, justice, diversity, and accessibility. We are committed to actively eradicating racism out of our network every day.

We affirm that trans women are women.
We will not discriminate on the basis of gender diversity, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, disabilities, religion, age, education, citizenship status, or socioeconomic status. Nor will we allow others to discriminate while working with us.

At Emerge,we strive to create training spaces, events, and an ongoing network where all Democratic women are welcome.  

We welcome constructive criticism and direct communication. The Emerge network is a collaborative space, and when conflict arises, we strive to acknowledge our impact, work toward a resolution, and move forward.

Emerge recognizes that impact is greater than intent. We forgive mistakes made in good faith and focus on moving forward. We foster a culture where our leaders are built up and encouraged to step out, take chances, innovate, and lead.
Emerge MA Alumnae Network: Network and benefits available to graduates of the Six Month Signature Program and Candidate Bootcamp Program. Including:
- Emerge MA Alumnae Private Facebook Group;
- Master Google Spreadsheet of Alum, Trainers, and Board Members;
- Web Resources (listing on class pages and EMA website);
- Communication Resources (highlights on EMA social media graphics and blast email communications);
- EMA Alumnae Newsletter;
- EMA Events and Fundraisers (alum luncheon and annual fundraisers);
- Participation in EMA committees, class selection, board, or training;
- Access to recorded materials

The Emerge Massachusetts may remove an Alum from the Emerge MA Alumnae Network for a violation of the Code of Conduct And Core Values. Including but not limited to:
- Changing parties or unenrolling from the Democratic Party
- Violation of the Code of Conduct (see attached)
- Violation of the Core Values (see attached)
- Report of violation received in writing from current Emerge MA Alum in good standing
- Report of violation received in writing from current Emerge MA Board Member
- Report of violation received in writing from Emerge America

Complaint Process
- Complaint or report of violation received in writing by the Emerge MA Executive Director and Chair(s).
- Review of complaint by Executive Director and Chair(s), including collection of materials to substantiate claim, including an interview with the Alum.
- Executive Session Board meeting to discuss complaint and determine resolution. A quorum of at least 75% must be reached in order to hold Executive Session. Sufficient notice should be given to Board Members to enable full participation in meeting, and notification to the Alum that they have the opportunity to address the full Board.
- Communication to Alum from Executive Director and Chair(s).
As a member of the Emerge Network, I [fill in your name below], acknowledge that I have read, understand, and agree to the Code of Conduct and Core Values as outlined above. *
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