Scripts Quiz 1
Make sure you have done the Key Learning before you attempt this quiz. The content for scripts to quite a bit different to other pre-production documents and there are some things that you will have to make sure that you have learned.
At what stage of the production process would a script be produced?
1 point
Which of these products would a script NOT be used for
1 point
Dialogue is one of the things shown on a script. What does dialogue mean?
1 point
Which of these are possible audiences for a script? *
5 points
Likely audience
Not a likely audience
Sound engineers
The target audience
The director
One of the things shown on scripts is dialogue. Which of these choices is another thing likely to be shown on a script
1 point
A slug line shows:
1 point
How are the names of characters usually displayed on a script?
1 point
A voice over is:
1 point
On the script below, which letter shows the camera shot to be used?
1 point
Captionless Image
Which of these is NOT a good reason to use an online tool such as Google Docs for producing a script
1 point
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