An Embrace of All God's People
As graduates of United Theological Seminary in Dayton, Ohio, we are grateful for the ways UTS shaped us biblically, theologically, and spiritually to do the work of God’s kingdom in this present age. United gave us a formative understanding of the way of Jesus in the Wesleyan tradition, rooted in Scripture, and empowered by the Holy Spirit.

Today, however, with the current alignment of significant leaders at the seminary to the Wesleyan Covenant Association, Good News, and the Confessing Movement, we experience UTS as speaking in a monolithic voice to only one side of the conversation of LGBTQ inclusion. This experience feels antithetical to the UTS of our memory.

- We remember UTS as a place that embraced diversity of experiences and perspectives, which shaped our view of God’s grace as wide enough to embrace all of God’s people.
- We remember it as a place that encouraged inclusivity, seeing God’s beauty and creativity in the ways we have each been created to love.
- We remember it as a place that taught us to live in the tension of our theological differences.
- We remember leaders of UTS who spoke to the broader the spectrum of convictions, to the greater cloud of witnesses.

Therefore, in anticipation of the special General Conference in 2019:

- We believe our differences with one another are not liabilities, but resources for God’s creative transformation, enabling us to share the gospel in new ways, to new people, in new places.
- We believe the Holy Spirit is at work, and has not given up on the possibilities of unity amid our diversity, justice for the marginalized, redemption for the world, and restoration of love in our broken relationships.
- We support the holy task the United Methodist Church has entrusted the Commission on a Way Forward, the Council of Bishops, and the One Church Plan which has been recommended.
- We remain committed to the mission of the church, to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world, that in our pursuit of holiness and justice for all God’s people, we might together be perfected in the love of Jesus Christ.

We join with current and former students at UTS in remaining committed to God’s best future for the church and the world.

We invite all who agree with this statement to join us.

Respectfully submitted,

1. Chuck Porter, MARC 1996
2. Tina Anderson, MDiv 1999
3. Rev. Dr. Jacqueline Nowak, 2002, 2007
4. Magrey R. deVega, MDiv 1998
5. Tim Gossett, MARE, MARC 1996
6. Mary Ann-Gibson McInnes, 1996
7. Larry Ramey, MARC 1991, Faculty 1993-2001
8. Rev. Dr. Thom Bower, Ed.D. 1994, 1994, 1998
9. Scott E. Lothe, MDiv 1990
10. Ellen King, MDiv 1998
11. Rev. Dr. Deborah K. Stevens, MDiv 1995, DMin 2005, Staff 1995-1997
12. Rev. Dr. Donald H. Wallick, Jr., MDiv 1992, DMin 2008
13. Duane Anders, MDiv 91, Marc 92 Dmin 03 student trustee 89-90
14. Michael Gregor, MDiv 1999
15. Rev. Joseph M. Payne, MDiv 2001
16. Rev. Dr. Julie A. Carmean, M.Div 1990, D.Min 1996; adjunct faculty, 1991-1996, 1999-2008
17. Rev Marie Smith, 2008 & Current D-min student
18. Rev Linda Wallick, MS, MDiv, 1991
19. Rev. Nancy Amos, MDiv 2006 and current DMin student
20. Kelly P. Brown, MDiv 1998
21. Rev. Dr. Paul E. Stuckey, 1956 MDiv UTS Trustee 1962-66, 1968-91Secretary of Board 1975-91; Adjunct Faculty 1989-95
22. Rev. Melissa Meyers, MDiv 2006
23. Rev. Christopher Wylie, MDiv 2006
24. Jenny Deutsch Thomas, MDiv 2001
25. Leanne Ciampa Hadley, 1986
26. Donald E Zimmer, D Min, 2007
27. Amelia Cooper Boomershine, MDiv 1992, DMin 2015
28. Tim Vermande, 1995-1997
29. Rev. Katie Waggoner, MDiv, 2012
30. Tom Boomershine, 1992 & 1997
31. Terry R. Heck, 1990
32. Rev.Dr. Brooks W. Heck, M.Div.(1962), S.T.M. (1965) D. Min. 1983
33. Rev. Debbie Holder, MARE, MARC, 1992
34. Rev. Andrea Curry, MDiv 2014
35. Reverend Christopher A. Tiedeman, M.Div, 2013
36. Rev. Jeffrey S. Mullinix, M. Div. 2011
37. Blaine B. Rader, 1964
38. Bernard H. Lieving, Jr., MDiv 1963
39. Rev. Jenny Smith, MDiv 2010
40. David Beckett, 1982
41. Rev. Susan Youmans, 2005
42. Rev. Barbara Cooper, MDiv, 2010
43. David Hood, MDiv 2008
44. Rev. Erik Alsgaard, 1986
45. Rev. Alecia Schroedel, M. Doc., 2003
46. Rev. Lynn M. Labs, MDiv 2005, MATS 2006
47. Rev. Dr. Brice Thomas, 2004, 2015
48. Bishop Saroya M King, 1998
49. Rev. Daniel Young, M.Div. 1999
50. Rachel L. Randolph, 1998-1999
51. Rev. Karl K. Whiteman (UCC) M.Div, 1989
52. Rev. Ann Lantz, M.Div. 1984-1987
53. Rev. Leanne Zeck, 2005-2009
54. Rev. Dr. Robert Stephen Newnum , 1976
55. Rev. Timothy J. Forbess, 1993
56. David Zielinski, M. Div., 2003
57. Tracy Zielinski, MARC,MASM-LM 2003, D. Min 2014
58. Rev. Kathy Leonard Raines, M. Div, 1988
59. Charlotte Thomas, 1983-84 and donor
60. Rev. Doyle Burbank-Williams, M. Div. 1986
61. Dave Raines, 1984
62. Candace H. Elmore, 1986
63. Rev. Dr. Cyndi Bloise, ‘12
64. Jennifer Berlyoung, MDiv 2017
65. Rev. Jerald Hemrich, 1989
66. Rev. Dr. Cyndi Alte, 1987
67. Doug Elmore, 1985

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